About Us


Matt Anderson
Co-Founder, MD & Systems Biochemist

A Systems Biochemist, Matt began farming mealworms as a hobby in 2014 and now focusses on nutritional profile optimisation and developing different ways of automating the entire farming process. You can find out more about what he's been up to on his LinkedIn profile.

Adam Routledge
Co-Founder & CEO

Adam is the lead on developing fully automated and sustainable edible insect farming technology. His ultimate goal is to help shift UK perceptions of eating insects, with the aim that one day, they will become a mainstream part of our diets. Here's his LinkedIn profile.

Guest Writers

Olena Kagui
Olena Kagui
Guest Writer & Freelance Journalist

Olena is a freelance journalist who believes that eating bugs can make the world a better place and wants to help end the taboo by educating the public about the countless benefits and rich history of bug-eating. Here she is on Huffington Post and this is her LinkedIn profile.