Ento-thusiast Monthly Digest: Apr 2016

Dear Ento-thusiasts,

Welcome to the April edition of our Ento-thusiast Monthly Digest!

To start, Adam and I have a little news for those of you interested in the progress of Edible Bug Farm.  We have re-evaluated our priorities and decided that we will now be putting all of our efforts into developing a fully automated system for mealworm farming.  This will inevitably put our plans for scaling up our modest operation to an industrial farm on hold for the time being, but we will be better for it in the long run.  We will keep you updated on this as it develops in the coming months, along with news of new collaborations!

Now for a run-down from the ento world. As always, if you have any suggestions for future newsletters, please do let me know.

— Matt (co-founder, editor)

News Digest

The worm has turned: how British insect farms could spawn a food revolution | Guardian

Edible insects

With meat prices expected to soar, today’s new agricultural entrepreneurs believe that invertebrate livestock can provide the protein we need. But will the mainstream ever be ready to eat mealworms?

Woven Network launches with their first conference | Food Ingredients First

Woven Network conference snacks

“What happened at the Woven Network launch conference this month”, I hear you ask? Well, the answers lie herein!

Mealworms 101 – Part 2: Mealworm Recipes | Edible Bug Farm

Mealworms 101 - Part 2 - Mealworm Recipes - Featured Image

What do mealworms actually taste like? Here, we dip into the web’s collection of mealworm recipes to see how they are used in different kinds of dishes.

Business Digest

UK supplier brings insect protein to Europe: “We are laying the foundation on which to build the industry” | Food Navigator

Insect products

FoodNavigator talks insect innovation and EU regulation with the founder of UK insect start-up, Mophagy, that has just landed official European distribution rights for Entomo Farms.

Tiny Farms gears up for its first harvest: “We’re going to transform the economics of cricket-farming” | Food Navigator

Tiny Farms talk

Tiny Farms – which has spent the past three years researching feed formulation, habitat engineering, farm automation and management software to drive scale and lower costs in insect production – has finally completed work on its own pilot bug farm.

Jakub Dzamba’s Cricket Reactor at Grow Op Exhibition 2016 | Canadian Architect

Jakub Dzamba's Cricket Reactor

Cricket Reactor by Third Millennium Farming is an alternative approach to urban agriculture where city bio-wastes are used to farm algae and fungi, which are in turn fed to insects.

Research Digest

What insects can tell us about the origins of consciousness | PNAS


Emotional and sensory profiling of insect-, plant- and meat-based burgers under blind, expected and informed conditions | Food Quality and Preference

Food Quality and Preference

North American entomophagy | Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

More stories can be found on our Scoop.It page, Edible Bugs to Save the World, to where all of the above also link.