Recipe: Cricket Stir Fry with Bacon, Wild Garlic and Chives

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A super simple cricket stir fry recipe using whole dried crickets from Eat Grub.

Thanks go to Edmond Tang for the recipe!

Eat Grub Crickets

Ingredients (Serves 2)

couple rashes of bacon

25g whole crickets

wild garlic & chives to taste

dash of cooking oil

cup of steamed rice

Eat Grub Crickets 2

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Shallow fry the bacon until slightly crispy, add crickets and stir around for 15-20 seconds to cover them with the fragrant oil. Add the shredded wild garlic and chives, stir again for a few seconds and serve hot with steamed rice. You can replace the bacon with chorizo. The steamed rice serves as a blank canvas for the colours and flavours of the dish. The salty but sweet savoury flavour of bacon marries well with the earthy, mushroomy taste of crickets. The crisped but still chewy bacon also matches with the slightly crunchy crickets for a contrasting mouth feel. The wild garlic and chives add both freshness and depth. A nice and simple cricket stir fry!

Cricket Stir Fry