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Dear Reader,

This is a simple request for a few minutes of your time to help us collectively contribute to the future of entomophagy in Europe.

Some of you will have heard that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) here in the UK has recently called for information on edible insects. They are looking for UK entomophagy companies to collate and provide them with evidence that specific insect species have been consumed within the EU to a significant degree before the 15th of May 1997. Without substantial evidence for insects as food, much stricter regulations will be put in place regarding their sale in Europe.

This will come in the form of assignment as a “Novel Food“, meaning that insect-based products will be subject to additional safety checks before being allowed on to market. This will essentially mean that all companies currently selling insects for food in Europe will have to cease operations until the Novel Foods criteria have been met.

Whilst it is unlikely that we will find suitable evidence for the consumption of insects in the UK before 1997, there are potentially a couple of other things that may help our case. The first is by supplying evidence for a history of safe use in countries outside of the EU, and the second is by providing the FSA with as much information on the current UK market as possible. Other EU countries will be doing the same.

This is where the survey below comes in. We are trying to gather information, to give the FSA an idea of what the market currently looks like. So, my request for you is to please answer the few questions below as honestly as possible. All answers will be anonymous and the full results will be published and forwarded to the FSA by Friday the 18th of September, a couple of days before their deadline on the 21st.

Thank you in advance for participating. Your time is much valued and appreciated!

— Matt

Please note that this survey has now closed.

Results can be found here. Thanks!